Egg Sandwich: Finished Product


I’m completely serious, if faced with a “last meal” situation I’d have to ponder what I’d pick: Eggs or wood-fired pizza. Or maybe a sous vide, charcoal finished, New York strip steak. Hmm….

This morning egg sandwiches were called for.

Prep Your Station

Egg Sandwich: Prep Your Station

The bread is Portland French “City Sour.” I’ve tried dozens of breads for egg sandwiches and have come to agree with the guys over at Fried Egg I’m In Love who also use Portland French. For sandwiches, where you need the bread to be a reliable carrier for the stuff in between, a dependable slice without ginormous “artisan loaf” voids is best. Other pluses are the “city sour” variety does indeed carry a mild sourdough flavor, has a self-respecting but not roof-of-mouth-shredding crust, and comes in beefy slices that can soak up egg yolk and not get all gushy.

The ham is Hempler’s “Black Forest Brand” which I tried to shave as thin as possible. It’s consumer-quality ham, but I think it’s better than Hormel’s Cure 81.

I’m using Tillamook medium white cheddar. Normally I try to shave it off the loaf the same way as I shave the ham, but I was down to the very end of the block so I opted to grate it instead.

The sauce is a blend of Hellman’s, er, Best Foods, mayonnaise and Secret Aardvark habanero sauce. Not so much as to set your mouth on fire, but enough to add just a tingle.

Crisp the Ham

This is important since it intensifies the meaty goodness of the ham both in flavor and texture.

Ham Crisping

Fry the Eggs

Eggs Frying

I dust the eggs with Penzy’s Smokey Salt and a couple of twists of black pepper. Most places do their eggs “over medium,” but for egg sandwiches, I prefer to break the yolks then fry quickly on both sides adding the grated cheese right after flipping the eggs. This way there is still a bit of runny yolk, but it’s not going to gush all over your shirt plus the whites, while being well-set, aren’t rubbery.

Assemble and Serve

Egg Sandwich: Finished Product

See, there’s still some yolky yumminess going on.