Poached, spinach, espelette


While we still love to go out for breakfast/brunch, outings have become farther and farther apart. But don’t fret, we’re doing ok staying in.

For Annette, a single poached egg on a bed of lightly wilted spinach topped with hollandaise and espelette.


Poached, spinach, espelette

For me, a “frit-omelette” of seared poblanos, red onion, slivered turkey pastrami* and Tillamook medium white cheddar. Unfortunately, I tried to cut a corner and the result was a fail. Normally I sear the main ingredients, add the egg, then put the pan under the broiler. But today the oven/broiler was occupied and the big pan won’t fit in my toaster oven/broiler so I just left it on the burner. Bad idea. The eggs fused to the pan and had to be scraped off. The hollandaise disguised some of my failures.

Frit-omelette innards cooking

Frit-omelette cooking

Frit-omelette Fail

*Turkey pastrami? Really? Yep, it’s a totally processed product, but if used sparingly and well-seared adds a bit of salty meaty goodness without being predictable. Each bite has a kind of “hmm, not bacon, not pancetta, peppery…uh… not…. uh… it’s pretty good.”