Last Supper (of 2016)

2016 is in the rearview, and that’s just fine with me. For the last supper of the year, we opted for a multi-part dinner production that was both fun to make and beyond delicious to eat. Paired with a nicely chilled Cliff Creek MRV this was one of those meals that make one feel glad to be alive.

Fresh pasta with a drizzle of kale juice to up the nutrition a bit, but more importantly to tint the noodles green, topped with a fresh seafood “sauce” consisting of clams, bay scallops, and hand-disassembled Dungeness crab.

Here are the photos, recipes to follow at some point, but aside from the standard pasta recipe of 10 oz. flour (split about 1/3rd – 2/3rds semolina to regular), two whole eggs, four egg yolks, and a fat pinch of salt, there’s not a whole lot to put in a recipe. Be sure to rest the pasta dough, tightly wrapped in plastic, at least 30 minutes at room temperature. We let ours rest closer to four hours.

For the sauce: break down two Dungeness crabs keeping the claw meat as whole as possible, set aside. Sauté about 1 pound of bay scallops with a small handful of diced pancetta until most liquid has been expressed, at least some scallops are browned, and the pancetta is crisped. Add one can of the best white clam sauce you can find to the bay scallops/pancetta in the waiting pan. Add at least half a cup of dry white wine to the mix and bring to a simmer. At this point feel free to add whatever herbs sound good. I use oregano, Tuscan Sunset blend, a small pinch of rosemary, a small shake of cayenne pepper, a twist of black pepper, and a couple fat pinches of sea salt.

When the liquid has reduced by about half add the crab meat and a cup of fresh flat leaf parsley. Stir gently to combine and continue to simmer uncovered. If you need more time due to the pasta water taking forever to boil, add more white wine.

Fresh pasta in progress

Green pasta boiling

Green pasta in green bowls

Noodles are nearly the same color as our bowls.