Oil and Salt

Sunday Comfort Food

I don’t like Sundays. Never have. To mitigate the Sunday evening dread I tend to lean toward some form of comfort food for dinner. Tonight will feature insanely beautiful sea scallops and a steaming bowl of mussels in a white wine and shallot broth.


The scallops just get pan-seared in a bit of light oil. The mussels get cooked in a broth of white wine, a ton of garlic, diced red pepper and shallots, some olive oil, a pinch of red pepper flakes* and standard low-sodium chicken broth to keep the volume of broth where I want it. I also have two small loaves of sort-of-kind-of decent bread at the ready for sopping up the broth.


Where did these scallops and mussels come from, you ask? From the supreme church of food: Uwajimaya. Yes, it costs a bit more, but now and then (like twice a year), it’s worth the drive to Beaverton.

sakeAnd one cannot visit Uwajimaya and not pick up at least one bottle of sake. Like I said, comfort food!

*Many recipes call for some form of “chili flake.” Much of the time that seems to mean the red pepper flakes one finds in the shaker at pizza places. My preference is Penzey’s Aleppo Pepper. It adds a bit of heat but brings a smokey tart tinge as well.