Hello world!

I purchased the “justcookit” domain so long ago I can’t even remember doing it. The inspiration was a scene in The West Wing where Toby is having a lunch meeting with two senators who make elaborate requests when ordering their meals. When the server turns to Toby he briskly orders “a new york steak medium rare.” The server begins, “do you want it…” he, just as briskly, cuts her off, “just cook it.”

Initially, I thought the domain might serve as a repository for sardonic responses to the increasingly pretentious menu architecture popping up in the hipster enclaves of my current home city of Portland. Menu entries featuring thrice-cooked items finished with multiple preparations of exotic flora served upon a bed of re-discovered grains hand-imported from distant lands were taxing my ability to hold focus whilst ordering dinner.

But that thought faded, and I decided to build my own version of the myriad food sites (many, it turns out, produced in Portland) and focus on the one thing that has gone well for me over the past few years: making dinner.

One thing I do remember when I bought the domain that “justcookit.com” was unavailable due to being owned by a guy in Italy who I think was planning a “Just Cook IT” website. I should drop him a line, see if he’s willing to let the domain go.