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Crab Cakes in the pan

Last Night & Tonight

One of my favorite things to do is make dinner in a new place and try to come up with something good whilst dealing with restrictions and idiosyncrasies of a new kitchen/hotplate/cookstove. I’ll dedicate to post to that sometime soon. In the meantime here’s last night’s and this night’s dinners.

Risotto in the bowl

Full-on Risotto

The simultaneously depressing and disgusting news spewing from our nation’s capital has bolstered my desire to make dinner a refuge.

soup ingredients

Kinda, Sorta, Snowed in

We were supposed to be at Bullards Beach State Park tonight, but 14 inches of snow fell in Portland the other day. Combine the weather with a sick cat requiring daily meds and we canceled the trip. Soup, simple soup, to the rescue.

halibut filets on the board

Third Fish Day

I used up my Costco cod purchase last night, but still felt a hankering for fish, so I was happy to find portions of halibut waiting for me at Fred Meyer.