Kick the Tires & Light the Fires

Even with a gun to my head and I wouldn’t be able to tell you what I like more: eggs for breakfast or wood-fired pizza for every other meal.

The sun came out today. I made my first pizzas of 2017 to celebrate. Here’s the basic gist of how it works.

Mix the dough

No, I won’t tell you my recipe.

Mix the Dough

Weigh Your Balls (heh)

This is after the dough has risen for half a day or so. Be sure to rest your balls after weighing. Words to live by.

Weigh Your Balls

Light the Oven

Light it Up

1st gen unmodified¬†UUNI, the MacBook Air of pizza ovens. I’m debating about going pro.

Uuni, the MacBook Air of Pizza Ovens

Prep Your Station (big white dog optional)

Prep Your Station

Dress the First Pie

Dress the Pie

Fire the Pie

Fire the Pie

Admire the Pie

You Know what to Do

Consume the pie. Repeat.