Third Fish Day

I used up my Costco cod purchase last night, but still felt a hankering for fish, so I was happy to find portions of halibut waiting for me at Fred Meyer.

halibut filets on the board

Another super-simple dinner. I seasoned the halibut with salt and cooked it sous vide to 130 degrees for 1 hour. Once they were done with the sous vide, I pan-seared them in some unsalted butter. I then removed the fillets to a serving plate kept in a warm oven and deglazed the pan with white wine, then added the juice of one lemon and the capers and reduced the sauce down to just enough to drizzle over the fillets. It was an incredibly strong pan sauce; I think the lemon was a bit angry and salted capers pack a punch.

The fish was served with sautéed broccolini and spinach.

I’m still totally digging my sous vide cooker. It’s like a crock pot in that it can run for hours unattended, but better because you get to do a final tweak to the food when you pull it from the water bath. I’ve now cooked dozens of steaks, several tri-tips, a couple slabs of brisket, many chicken breasts, and even a small rack of lamb using this device and the results have all been great. Especially the tri-tip with its thick/thin shape that’s notoriously difficult to roast in a conventional oven.